Published: 06/02/2020

Anxiety and Chronic Pain

Sapphire Medical Clinic’s have today launched their video series aimed at educating patients and carers on medical cannabis and part of the clinics ongoing commitment to empowering the patient and carer community in the UK

Two videos have been launched today.

You can view these videos here:

The first video features Dr James Rucker, a Consultant Psychiatrist who explores what cannabis is, and how it works in psychology. He explored the role that cannabis plays in treating anxiety conditions, particularly ones that haven’t responded to other treatments.

One of James’ patients Leigh also gave his account of what safe access to medical cannabis has meant for him. He added that ‘for the first time now, I can make serious plans about my future’.

The second video features Dr Mike Platt, a Pain Specialist and Medical Director of Sapphire Clinics who explored the evidence of the efficacy of medical cannabis for chronic pain.

Dr Platt was joined by Lorna Bland who suffers from Fibromyalgia pain, that didn’t respond to any pharmaceutical products. After researching medical cannabis and securing a referral to Sapphire Clinics Lorna has been able to manage her condition effectively.

If you have more questions about medical cannabis, want to know how to ask your GP for a referral or have a question for one of our team members then don’t hesitate to get in touch via email on [email protected].

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