Published: 19/11/2022

Catch up on our latest Patient Engagement Meeting

Curaleaf Pharmacy and Sapphire Medical are committed to engaging with patients and families, listening to feedback, and together bringing about service improvements that matter to medical cannabis patients.

Patient Engagement Meeting

Our third Patient Engagement Meeting took place on 17th November 2022 and all service users of Curaleaf Pharmacy and Sapphire Medical were invited to join the online meeting.

Catch up

p For those patients and families that missed this meeting, you can catch up on the full recording here:

A summary of the meeting

During the session the host Evonne Clarke, Advanced Specialist Pharmacist at Sapphire Medical Clinics, welcomed a range of staff to explain their roles and answer some key questions from patients. Evonne shared a summary of the last engagement meeting and the excellent feedback from attendees. Matty Rawding, Quality Assurance Pharmacist at Rokshaw, took the attendees through a more detailed explanation of the supply chain process. Katy McLachlan, Pharmacist at Sapphire Medical Clinics shared details of new Sapphire webapp providing a quick demo of the app while sharing details of upcoming features. Jan Armstrong, Head of Sales and Marketing at Rokshaw discussed current service improvements at Curaleaf Pharmacy as well as important Christmas dates.

90% of attendees found the meeting ‘Very helpful’ or ‘Somewhat helpful’.

The post meeting feedback identified the following themes to be discussed in the future:

  • More information about research that Sapphire has been involved in.
  • Engagement initiatives with local police and medical professionals.

The endocannabinoid system.

Attendees were asked ‘Which aspect of the meeting did you like best? Answers included:

  • Learning about the webapp.
  • Supply chain information.
  • Update on planned service improvements.

Which aspect of the meeting did you like the least? Answers included:

  • Lack of Q&A.

46% of attendees felt the service improvements and information shared during the session will have an impact on health and treatment decisions.

There were messages of thanks to the teams involved including:

  • Thanks to all involved, I find these meetings very beneficial.
  • Just thank you all for the work you all do really.
  • Carry on the good work.
  • Thanks to you all for making this possible.

We would like to extend our thanks to all those who attended this Patient Engagement Meeting. By providing feedback on our service, you are helping us to improve.


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