Published: 10/07/2020

Society of Cannabis Clinicians partners with Sapphire Institute

We are pleased to announce that the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC)is partnering with the Sapphire Institute for Medical Cannabis Education to form the SCC UK Chapter.

SCC is a non-profit educational and scientific society of physicians and other healthcare professionals dedicated to advancing research and disseminating knowledge about cannabis for medical use. Sapphire Institute for Medical Cannabis Education, which launched in June 2020, shares this commitment and provides a source of online training and up to date research on medical cannabis for UK healthcare professionals.

The UK Chapter will be heavily focus on evidence-based medicine and education and in so providing a framework for international knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, discussion of interesting cases and up to date research relating to medical cannabis.

Dr James Rucker, consultant psychiatrist and President of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians UK Chapter commented on the partnership ‘International collaboration and knowledge sharing is vital to accelerate education and patient treatment in the UK. We are delighted to run the UK Chapter In Association with the Society of Cannabis Clinicians who share our integrity and standards of practice in cannabis medicine.’

The UK Chapter will help teach and train UK healthcare professionals the clinical use of medical cannabis in a patient’s treatment pathway. It will develop guidelines for the use of medical cannabis in the UK, ensuring high standards of treatment are maintained and developing key research areas and ideas. Regular meetings will host discussions of the latest research around medical cannabis and reviews of interesting patient cases.

Members of SCC are able to take part in the SCC UK Chapter. There are many benefits of becoming a member of the International Society of Cannabis Clinicians including unlimited online access to Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, access to their suite of full-length educational videos, networking opportunities with other clinicians, and much more.

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