Free Eligibility Consultations at Sapphire Medical Clinics

Free Eligibility Consultations at Sapphire Medical Clinics

In the UK, access to medical cannabis products can be a journey full of confusing barriers and restrictions for many patients and carers. In such a new area of medicine, medical cannabis is still far from widely available in the UK.

Sapphire Medical Clinics aim to give all patients and carers the guidance they need to access the medicine that is right for them – whether that turns out to potentially be medical cannabis, or not.

At Sapphire Medical Clinics, we can support patients through the full referral, appointment, and treatment process. All patients are able to receive a free eligibility consultation to get advice on seeking a referral and whether they may be eligible for treatment with medical cannabis.

Offering a free eligibility consultation, via telephone, helps to give patients the confidence and guidance they need to carry out the next steps in accessing medical cannabis. A member of the clinical team will provide a free initial eligibility check against current UK medical guidelines.

This involves:

  • checking if your condition is currently thought to potentially benefit from the use of medical cannabis
  • assessing your treatment pathways to establish if you are at the right point to potentially be prescribed medical cannabis

Once eligibility is determined, our free telephone consultation can provide patients with advice on what to do next. A full consultation with a specialist at Sapphire Medical Clinics – whether in person or through a video consultation – requires patients to be referred by their GP or specialist consultant. Please note, the final decision regarding a prescription for medical cannabis remains with the consultant and must be approved by the Sapphire MDT.

Sapphire’s free eligibility consultation aims to inform patients on how to start the referral process. By providing patients and doctors the peace of mind over eligibility for access to medical cannabis, we hope that more patients will have the confidence, and ease of access, to the medicine that could work for them.

Through our free eligibility consultation service, we hope to provide clarity and guidance for all patients considering medical cannabis as a treatment option.

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