Economic Evaluation of a Cannabinoid Oil for Treatment Resistant Epilepsy in Dravet Syndrome

Sapphire Medical Clinic announces global partnership with Australian-based Emyria’s Emerald Clinics

Sapphire Medical Clinics is pleased to announce a global partnership with Emyria Limited (ASX: EMD), a company that manages an Australia-wide clinical service for patients with unmet medical needs (Emerald Clinics) and also develops and commercialises clinical technologies and data products.  

The partnership will focus on defining a standardised global RealWorld Evidence dataset for patients undergoing therapy with cannabis-based medicines. For the first commercial project, Sapphire will become Emyria’s preferred clinical service provider in the UK and will provide select, deidentified clinical data for a defined subset of consenting patients.    

Emyria Managing Director Dr Michael Winlo said:  “We’re delighted to be partnering with Sapphire Clinics, the most respected and research-driven medicinal cannabis clinical service the UK. Access to medicinal cannabis in the UK is restricted in similar ways to how access was restricted in Australia a few years ago. We know that regulators in Australia and the UK encourage registration of medicinal cannabis and that this requires high quality clinical evidence. This Agreement is part of an evolving partnership between our two organisations which will allow us to support a clinical service in the UK while also collecting high quality de-identified clinical evidence that can greatly enhance the utility and value of our Emyria Registration and Emyria Pharmacovigilance data products, which support drug developers with product registration and monitoring.”  

Sapphire Clinics Managing Director Dr Mikael Sodergren said: “We’re pleased to be working with Emyria, who have already built a robust data registry for medicinal cannabis patients at Emerald Clinics in Australia. This partnership will allow us to define a global standard in real-word evidence data which will provide an invaluable tool for clinicians, regulators and policy makers. Our common goal of advancing personalised medicine in cannabinoid therapy is based on the understanding that data-driven solutions ultimately generate the best outcomes for patients, and this agreement forms a solid foundation to deliver on this global ambition.”  

About Emyria ( Emyria Limited creates data products from robust and ethically sourced Real-World Evidence (RWE) gathered across its specialist clinical network – Emerald Clinics ( Emyria’s data products – Emyria Registration and Emyria Pharmacovigilance – accelerate the development and registration of new and promising treatments for patients with unmet medical needs by providing unique, real-world insights into treatment safety, quality and efficacy. Emyria’s data assets are also a source of unique IP for Emyria. In addition, Emyria creates remote patient monitoring technologies, data platforms and care models that further improve the quality of its RWE data assets and insights.