Published: 30/03/2021

Sapphire Medical Clinics signs significant partnership as medical cannabis goes mainstream with data driven drug development

Sapphire Medical Clinics, the UK’s first Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered medical cannabis clinic, has captured data on over 1,500 medical cannabis treatment regimens via its leading Real World Evidence platform. Today, Sapphire is delighted to announce another new partnership with EMMAC Life Sciences, Europe’s largest independent cannabis company which will further increase access to medical cannabis for UK patients.

EMMAC will inform its future medical cannabis drug development based on clinical data-driven analysis.

Via this partnership EMMAC will first launch a new medical cannabis flower product, followed by a further range of medical cannabis flower products in 2021 in response to the analysis to address identified patient requirements. Sapphire Medical Clinics is pleased to be the first clinic to offer this UK manufactured EU GMP medical cannabis flower to patients via its team of leading UK prescribers.

For patients, this partnership represents greater product choice with affordable high-quality options now available in oil and flower form.

Sapphire’s Real-World Evidence platform captures patient and product data via The UK Medical Cannabis Registry. The registry ensures that cannabis-based medicinal product prescribing is developed in a responsible way, by capturing essential data including efficacy metrics, adverse events and patient-reported outcome measures using validated methodologies, ultimately widening access for patients. Collecting and reviewing a robust clinical data set also enables companies such as EMMAC the full opportunity to utilise its vertically integrated supply chain and respond to product effectiveness and increasing patient demands.

Sapphire’s leading Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr James Rucker, commented on today’s announcement “We are pleased to have been chosen by EMMAC for this partnership, reflecting the strength of our Real-World Evidence platform. We are also glad that we can now offer the first range of this affordable UK produced flower to patients ensuring that it is no longer economically preferable to source illicit cannabis to treat legitimate medical diagnoses.

“Via high-quality data driven medical development programmes, we ensure more UK patients can access a variety of medical cannabis products they need to improve their lives, whether that be to help improve sleep, lower levels of pain or, in the case of many of the patients I see, a reduction in anxiety levels.”

Patient case study

Lorna Cairns-Cooke is 24 years old from Covington, Cambridgeshire. She works as a shepherd despite living with chronic pain due to an accident 3 years ago where she damaged her shoulder and back.

“After eight months of being prescribed pills by my GP, I decided morphine was not the answer and began researching medical cannabis as a way to manage my pain so that I could continue working. Today, thanks to Sapphire Medical, I have access to high-quality UK-manufactured medical cannabis oil and flower where I know I am getting the same does every time. The cannabis flower, which I vape, is extremely helpful as it brings immediate relief to my pain and muscle spasms. The oil allowing me to work during the day and flower helping me with sleep throughout the night. This has made a big difference to my work now I am no longer in so much pain, I can work freely which is fantastic. I hope that the life-changing properties and legal status of medical cannabis will soon become common knowledge in the UK.”

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