Judith Kelly

I really enjoy getting to know our patients by speaking to them daily. Helping guide patients through our process and then seeing them reach their end goal of treatment is so rewarding.

Ben Lee

I choose to work for Sapphire because of the dedication to the patient experience and our exceptional level of diligence in providing the appropriate medication to patients.

Amy Abbott

Every day at Sapphire we learn new things, and I love to be part of the ground-breaking research we do. It is very rewarding to support the patients through their journey and see them benefit from our help.

Emma Keillor

My favourite part of the job is bringing the experience I have in customer service and implementing that in to what I do for the patients at Sapphire. When I hear a patient say thank you for the service they are receiving and what a difference it is making to their lives, it’s really rewarding.

Suzy Petty

From being a full time international hockey player, to now being part of a fast paced, innovative company. The world of medicinal cannabis is just getting started, and I can’t wait to see how many more people we can help at Sapphire, as this new area of medicine develops!