The Sapphire Institute for Medical Cannabis Education hosts its first webinar for patients ‘Treatment with a Medical Cannabis clinic’

The Sapphire Institute for Medical Cannabis Education hosts its first webinar for patients ‘Treatment with a Medical Cannabis clinic’

Industry experts discuss the practicalities and answer common patient questions about treatment with medical cannabis.

There remains misconceptions about the effectiveness and safety surrounding treatment as well confusion over how to access treatment, both via the NHS and privately.

Sapphire Institute for Medical Cannabis Education along with partner PLEA (Patient-Led Engagement for Access) are committed to educating healthcare professionals and patients on medical cannabis. These sessions are free and designed for those who are keen to know more about current evidence for medical cannabis, how patients can get access to treatment and supporting patients who are using this medicine.

Tuesday 13th October 18:30 – 19:30 (~60 minutes)

Key topics:

  • Medical cannabis and the eligibility criteria of access across multiple conditions
  • Practicalities for patients receiving treatment with medical cannabis
  • Modes of administration and possible adverse events

Carl Holvey, Chief Pharmacist at Sapphire Medical Clinics, has extensive experience in the NHS and has worked in various sectors of healthcare delivering direct patient care, managing services and supporting medicines optimisation. At Sapphire Medical Clinics he plays a significant role in supporting patients when starting treatment and helping them to find regimens that suit them for their particular condition. Carl has received training in cannabis from international experts and continues to work with UK leaders in the field of medicinal cannabis. He is keen to share his experiences thus far with patients and other professionals to enable better understanding and improve access to medicinal cannabis.

On Tuesday 13th October, Carl will be joined by one of the UK’s leading prescribers of Medical Cannabis.

Dr Shaheen Khan is a Consultant in Palliative Care and Clinical Director at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Sapphire Medical Clinics. As part of the Multi Disciplinary Team at Sapphire Medical Clinics and the UK’s leading prescriber of Medical Cannabis for Palliative Care Patients, his specialises in complex pain and symptom control, advance care planning, opioids and medicinal cannabis.

Alongside Carl and Dr Khan, Lorna Bland joins the webinar as one of the UK’s first patients to receive treatment with Medical Cannabis. Living with the chronic pain condition Fibromyalgia, Lorna brings the patient perspective. She is also on the Executive Committee as Governance Lead at PLEA and is Sapphire Medical Clinics Patient Advocate.

We welcome questions in advance of our webinar, please email them to [email protected]

You can register for the webinar by clicking here.