Sapphire Clinics,
the UK’s first medical cannabis clinic

Founded by specialist doctors in 2019

We’re proud to be the UK’s longest running clinic with this speciality. We also created, and maintain the largest medical cannabis patient registry in the UK which means you’re getting top-quality care from experienced clinicians, based on the very latest research.

The UK’s Highest-Rated Medical Cannabis Clinic

Winner of the Best Medical Cannabis Clinic Category

Winner of the Best Medical Cannabis Clinic UK

How it works

Medical cannabis will not be right for everyone. However, as leaders in medical cannabis care we utilise the latest evidence and guidance to ensure patients are on the right path for their treatment, whether or not that includes medical cannabis.

Step 1. Check your eligibility by answering a short set of questions and sharing your relevant medical records.

You can send us the medical records directly or give us permission to get them on your behalf.

Step 2. Our clinicians will review your application and, if suitable, you will be invited to book a virtual appointment with a specialist in your condition.

At this stage, let us know if you would like to join the Sapphire Access Scheme and contribute your health data to the UK Medical Cannabis Registry. Discounted appointments available for those enrolled in the scheme.

Step 3. After your consultation, our Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) of doctors and pharmacists will assess whether medical cannabis is appropriate for you.

If approved, your prescription will be sent to your nominated pharmacy, who will contact you to arrange payment and delivery, straight to your door.

Step 4. The quality of your care is of the utmost importance, so our support doesn’t stop at delivery. Our patient coordinators are on-hand to answer your questions and care admin is made simple with the Sapphire Clinics Webapp, where you can book appointments, request repeat prescriptions, track your reported health outcomes, and access help sheets covering a range of frequently asked questions.

Please note: Medical cannabis can only be considered by one of our specialist doctors if you have previously failed to find relief after a reasonable trial of recommended first line treatments.

Our Specialist Doctors

At Sapphire Clinics we match eligible patients with specialists in their condition, ensuring you are supported with first-class expertise.

Our highly qualified team have extensive experience in prescribing cannabis-based medicines in the UK and you’ll have regular check-ins with your specialist doctor or pharmacist so we can monitor your care progress over time.

We strive to make things easier for you

We know your time is precious, so we offer online consultations and the ability to manage your care through the Sapphire Clinics Webapp.

Find out why 97% of patients are completely happy to see their Sapphire Clinics doctor again.

To begin, you’ll need to check your eligibility

When you click the green button below, we’ll take you to the Sapphire Clinics webapp. From here you can create an account with us and check your eligibility for a consultation.

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