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The UK's First CQC Registered Medical Cannabis Clinic

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Watch our recent breaking story on BBC2, BBC News Channel and BBC Worldwide featuring clinicians and patients from Sapphire Medical Clinics.

Medical Cannabis: Expert Opinion and Patient-Centred Treatment

A Safe & Straightforward Process

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We see patients with a wide variety of conditions and guide them through the entire process, making it as safe and straightforward as possible to access the treatment you need.
Agonist of Cannabinoid Receptor May Reverse Symptoms of Depression

A Safe & Straightforward Process

Sapphire Access Scheme

In 2021, we extend the Sapphire Access Scheme to 2,000 patients giving them further cost savings in recognition of their contribution to the UK’s Medical Cannabis Registry and the Sapphire Real World Data Platform. The UK’s first Medical Cannabis Registry will provide ground-breaking data to rapidly expand the evidence base for medical cannabis.

Video Consultations

An easy & convenient way to speak to us

Sapphire are the first medical cannabis clinic to be approved by the CQC to hold video consultations with patients.

Patient-centred Treatment

Our team have been trained by international experts and we ensure patients are at the centre of all we do.

Specialist doctors

All of our prescribing clinicians have received specialist training in medicinal cannabis and cannabis treatment options, and adhere to the formal prescribing guidelines by NHS England, MHRA and GMC.

High-quality service

We are committed to providing safe, compassionate, effective and high-quality service standards and are registered by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Average Cost Of Treatment

To help patients understand the likely cost of treatment, we have outlined the average cost to a patient with chronic pain. Cost of medication varies on an individual patient bases.


Inclusive Of Appointments And Medicine


Inclusive Of Appointments And Medicine

No repeat prescription fee

Sapphire Access Scheme

Initial Consultation £100

Follow-up £50

Check-up £45

No repeat prescription fee

For more details including some exceptions, see full price list:

Sapphire Medical Clinics

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We meet many patients on different journeys. Some living with a distressing condition, others feeling isolated, we want to offer the opportunity to share experiences and support one another. This is open to all patients. To find out more and be involved, please complete the below:

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Patient Support Network

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Sapphire Medical Clinics feature on ITV National news as the only clinic in the UK regulated to prescribe medical cannabis

Watch the full interview including Dr Mikael Sodergren, Managing Director of Sapphire Medical Clinics