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Information on how to be referred and learn if medicinal cannabis could be used to treat your condition.


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Our first clinic is opening in August 2019 in London. Further clinics are scheduled to open all over the UK this year.

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Sapphire Medical Clinics provide doctors and patients with an expert opinion on their medical condition. Patients are seen by a consultant who specialises in their condition. We are here for clinicians who’ve yet to find an effective solution to challenging medical conditions, and for patients who’ve been referred to us to establish the next stage of treatment.

Why is Sapphire Unique?

Our team have been trained by international experts, we make the referral process safe and straightforward for doctors and put patients at the centre of all we do. There is a great deal of publicity around medicinal cannabis which understandably concerns many potential patients. At Sapphire, we have the reputation and the specialist knowledge to gain not just your trust, but that of your GP and other professionals involved in your care.

We are committed to providing safe, compassionate, effective and high-quality service standards and are registered by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

All of our prescribing clinicians have received specialist training in medicinal cannabis, as well as adhering to the formal prescribing guidelines by NHS England, MHRA and GMC.

Sapphire Medical invested in training and resources for GPs and relevant consultants in this new and uncharted treatment. Our work with international specialists who’ve prescribed medicinal cannabis to their patients for over 7 years gives us the up to date experience and knowledge of how to prescribe these products safely and effectively.

We pride ourselves on transparency and integrity. By partnering with Patients Know Best (PKB), an IT platform used by numerous NHS trusts, our patients have the autonomy to own their information and grant permission to the relevant professionals with speed and accuracy.

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What legal changes have been made?

On 1st November 2018 the law in the UK was changed regarding medicinal cannabis. The change was to the Misuse of Drugs regulations 2001. Medicinal cannabis was re-scheduled from a schedule 1 drug (this means of no medical benefit) to a schedule 2 drug (this allows doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis in certain situations).

In practice this means that some patients who have exhausted conventional therapies are able to receive a prescription for medicinal cannabis. Only doctors on the specialist register of the GMC are authorised to prescribe medicinal cannabis and satisfy the the guidelines issued by GMC, NHS England and MHRA.

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Sapphire Medical Clinics is the first UK medical cannabis clinic registered by the CQC


Sapphire Medical Clinics


Sapphire Medical Clinics feature on ITV National news as the only clinic in the UK regulated to prescribe medical cannabis

Watch the full interview including Dr Mikael Sodergren, Managing Director of Sapphire Medical Clinics

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