Published: 15/06/2023

57 million opioid prescriptions written by GPs last year – despite desire for alternative chronic pain treatment

At Sapphire Clinics we understand that whilst up to 1 in 2 individuals will be affected by chronic pain, there is currently limited access to effective treatment options. This underlines our commitment to improving research and education into the effects of medical cannabis on chronic pain.

It is first important to understand the scale of the challenge faced by patients and healthcare professionals alike in treating chronic pain. A new report from Sapphire Clinics shows that more than 57 million opioid prescriptions, were issued to UK patients last year – the same as 108 every minute.

The majority of these were for individuals with chronic pain, despite guidance recommending against its use for chronic pain. Click the link below to read the Sapphire Clinics White Paper which explores this and the potential of medical cannabis.

Chronic Pain and Opioid dependence in the UK:Exploring the potential of medical cannabis

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