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Am I Suitable for treatment? Our referral process is designed to help determine which path is right for you. We see patients with a wide variety of conditions and guide them through the entire process, making it as safe and straightforward as possible to access the treatment you need.

How to make an appointment

  • Eligibility Assessment:
    Complete the online form and request your ‘Summary of Care’ record from your GP. Our clinical team will be in touch if you are not at the right stage of treatment.
  • Book an Appointment:
    Book in for an appointment and complete required consent forms.
  • Initial Appointment:
    Your consultant will review your medical history and care plans to understand whether medicinal cannabis would benefit you.
  • Prescription:
    We post your prescription once our multi-disciplinary team of consultants have discussed your case to your nominated pharmacy.
  • Ongoing Support:
    After initiating treatment, we review treatment and support changes to your individual plan with follow up appointments and repeat prescriptions. Our online questionnaires help you and us monitor treatment and advance knowledge about medical cannabis using the UK Medical Cannabis Registry.

Eligibility Assessment

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Average Cost Of Treatment

To help patients understand the likely cost of treatment, we have outlined the average cost to a patient with chronic pain. Cost of medication varies on an individual patient bases.


Inclusive Of Appointments And Medicine


Inclusive Of Appointments And Medicine

No repeat prescription fee

Sapphire Access Scheme

Initial Consultation £100

Follow-up £50

Check-up £45

No repeat prescription fee

For more details including some exceptions, see full price list:

The Sapphire Patient Support Network

Connecting our extensive network of patients
We meet many patients on different journeys. Some living with a distressing condition, others feeling isolated, we want to offer the opportunity to share experiences and support one another. This is open to all patients. To find out more and be involved, please complete the below:
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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQ’s on how to become a patient, access to treatment and general questions on medical cannabis access.