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Am I Suitable for treatment? Our referral process is designed to help determine which path is right for you. We see patients with a wide variety of conditions and guide them through the entire process, making it as safe and straightforward as possible to access the treatment you need.

Eligibility Assessment

How to make an appointment

Our multi-disciplinary team of clinicians see patients based on their specialty – read more about our team here.

Medical cannabis can be used as part of a treatment plan for a wide range of conditions, you can find out more about these on our conditions page.

frequently asked questions
  1. You can either book an appointment directly or get a referral from your GP or consultant. You can also contact us directly via the assisted referral form and arrange an eligibility assessment. Download this pack if you would like to further discuss Sapphire with your doctor.
  2. We check through the information provided and at times may request more information from your doctor. Once accepted, our support team will contact you to arrange an initial appointment.
  3. At your initial appointment, the specialist will review your medical history and care plans to understand the next stage in treatment and whether medicinal cannabis would benefit you. We collect a range of information from you, some in the form of questionnaires to help us monitor your treatment and advance knowledge about medical cannabis.

* Should your GP or consultant wish to seek further reassurance, we’d be happy to discuss these via email and phone on our Contact Us page.

The Sapphire Patient Support Network

Connecting our extensive network of patients

We meet many patients on different journeys. Some living with a distressing condition, others feeling isolated, we want to offer the opportunity to share experiences and support one another. This is open to all patients. To find out more and be involved, please complete the below:

Patient Support Network
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Sapphire Access Scheme offers reduced appointment costs for patients who participate in our groundbreaking Real World Evidence Platform.

Video Consultation Fees*

(Sapphire Access Scheme)

Initial appointment:

Follow up appointments:

Clinic Consultation Fees*

(Sapphire Access Scheme)

Initial appointment:

Follow up appointments:

*Appointments with the psychiatrist require a double appointment and therefore consultation fees are double for both initial and follow-up appointments respectively.

**Outside of the Sapphire Access Scheme:-.

Initial Clinic Consultation - £250
Initial Video Consultation - £210
Follow Up Clinic Consultation - £150
Follow Up Video Consultation - £125

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Join our patient registry

Any patient in the UK can join our registry and be part of a ground-breaking project collecting real world data. We have set up The UK Medical Cannabis Registry to gather the most up to date information on efficacy measures, patient reported outcomes and side effects of treatment with medical cannabis.

Open to anyone in the UK taking medical cannabis, we value all information on how you find using this innovative medicine. Get in touch here.

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Complaints Policy

At Sapphire, we strive for all complainants to have their complaint dealt with speedily and efficiently and in a respectful and sympathetic way.

You can review our complaints leaflet here.

Please get in touch via the Contact Us page. or email

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