Sapphire’s Access Scheme continues to expand and offer another 2,000 patients access to medical cannabis consultations

Sapphire Clinics, the UK’s leading medical cannabis clinic and highest rated by the Care Quality Commission, is today expanding the award-winning Sapphire Access Scheme, launched in June 2020, allows patients to contribute to the UK Medical Cannabis Registry which is the largest registry of its kind in Europe.

As part of the extension of the scheme, patients who already have a prescription for medical cannabis from another cannabis clinic, who transfer their care to Sapphire Clinics and wish to participate in the Registry will have their initial appointment fee waived until 31st December 2022. This is in addition to the extension of Sapphire Access Scheme prices (see below).

Dr Simon Erridge, Head of Research and Access at Sapphire Clinics commented, “We are pleased to be able to continue to extend the reduction in costs to access care as the research conducted at the clinics would not be possible without the support of the patients who participate. The work that we have published to date at Sapphire Medical Clinics ensures that the UK is leading the way with medical cannabis research and will be an important step in ensuring widened access for appropriate patients both in this country and internationally.”

Last year, the scheme was presented the ‘Bringing Treatment to the Masses’ award for the dedication to improving medical cannabis access. As part of the scheme and in recognition of patients’ contributions, they gain additional insight into health tracking as well as significantly reduced appointment costs for the duration of their care.

Patients can now view their clinical outcome data in real time through the newly launched Sapphire Patient App, allowing real time monitoring of their treatment.

Medical cannabis can be prescribed when deemed appropriate by specialist doctors where other treatment options have not provided adequate symptom relief. The UK Medical Cannabis Registry captures clinical outcomes and adverse events on all patients who are part of the Sapphire Access Scheme. We want to thank the patients who have contributed their time to allow us to understand more about these treatments. To date, analysis from the registry has resulted in 7 international peer reviewed publications and 26 research abstracts presented at national and international medical research conferences.

Who is eligible for the Sapphire Access Scheme?

The next 2,000 patients eligible for treatment with medical cannabis at Sapphire Clinics who enrol onto the Sapphire Access Scheme can access the discounted prices below. Medical cannabis can be considered following an assessment made by a specialist doctor in consideration of the fact that first line treatments have not achieved adequate benefit or produced significant side effects. Find out more and complete the eligibility assessment online by clicking here.

Sapphire Access Scheme Pricing

  • £50 – Initial Appointment
  • £50 – Monthly one follow-up appointment
  • £50 – Quarterly check-up appointment
  • £0 – Transfer patient appointment*
  • £0 – No repeat prescription fees

* Patients who already have a prescription for medical cannabis from another cannabis clinic can transfer their care to Sapphire Clinics and will have their initial appointment fee waived until 31st December 2022. Please complete the online eligibility application, selecting you are currently prescribed medical cannabis and email [email protected] to see if you are eligible for a free appointment