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Sapphire Medical Clinics have become the first medical cannabis clinic to be approved by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to hold online video appointments with patients where clinically appropriate.
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Safe, Compassionate and High Quality

The CQC recognise the commitment of Sapphire to providing safe, compassionate and high-quality service to patients that adhere to the formal prescribing guidelines by NHS England, MHRA and the GMC.

In response to COVID-19, as of 17th March we have put in place some temporary measures to protect all Sapphire patients, carers and clinicians.

On assessment of current measures put in place by Public Health England as part of their strategy to tackle COVID-19 we have drafted measures to reduce contact through in-person appointments where possible. All consultations, initial and follow up appointments, will be via videoconference of phone, where clinically appropriate.

For certain initial appointments, there may still be patients that are required to see a consultant face to face, this will be at the consultant’s discretion. We are encouraging all patients to utilise this opportunity and appreciate that for some of you who have travelled large distances to see us, we hope this comes as positive news.

Consultation Fees

Technical Support for Patients and Carers

We are aware that this change may require additional support for certain patients. To ensure all patients who require an appointment via Zoom (the online secure video conferencing provider), our Patient Success Team will be in touch prior to your consultation to resolve any technical issues. We cannot guarantee quality of service and support for all technical solutions, and please be aware that you will need a good quality internet connection in order to get the most out of video conferencing.

Video conferencing may be supplemented by telephone consultations. This will be at the clinician’s discretion.

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Sapphire Access Scheme offers reduced appointment costs for patients who participate in our groundbreaking Real World Evidence Platform.

Video Consultation Fees*

(Sapphire Access Scheme)

Initial appointment:

Follow up appointments:

Clinic Consultation Fees*

(Sapphire Access Scheme)

Initial appointment:

Follow up appointments:

*Appointments with the psychiatrist require a double appointment and therefore consultation fees are double for both initial and follow-up appointments respectively.

**Outside of the Sapphire Access Scheme:-.

Initial Clinic Consultation – £250
Initial Video Consultation – £210
Follow Up Clinic Consultation – £150
Follow Up Video Consultation – £125

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